Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Classic Concert Album Review

It has already been 25 years since Sailor Moon came out in Japan. As one of the most loved and popular series there, Japan has released several collections for the 20th and 25th anniversaries of this classic anime. In December 2017, they released an orchestra concert CD, which was great for those of us who were unable to attend the live concert back in August 2017.

The music was performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and covers many of the familiar themes heard throughout the anime series.


Hearing about the release of this CD excited me, especially as a huge Sailor Moon fan as well as a classical music lover! And since I was unable to attend the concert, this was going to have to do. As soon as I could, I went on to Amazon Japan and pre-ordered the CD. As always, Japan amazes me with their quick and efficient service! The CD came in a couple days after being released (anything I order from Amazon Japan comes super fast, despite living in Florida ). The package was also very sturdy, so I wasn’t worried about the CD being damaged either.

Upon opening the CD, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed knowing that the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra performed the music! They are, after all, one of the most renowned orchestras in the world. There are two CDs with 21 tracks in total: 11 on CD I and 10 on CD II.


As soon as I sat and listened to the CD, I was in absolute love. I’ve listened to the original anime soundtracks that I’ve found on YouTube countless times, but the orchestrated version is clearly its own work of art. There is just something about this arrangement that makes the music so much better. As much as I love a lot of the original soundtrack music, it still has that “’90’s” sound (being from the ’90’s, that’s not a problem, I still love the music!) but the orchestral arrangements almost seem to revive their classic spirit.

The arrangements for the pieces they’ve covered are absolutely beautiful, and I love how they actually had Sailor Moon narrating the concert (at least for the first song on both CDs). Any Sailor Moon fans will feel the nostalgia of the anime when they hear the music and how beautifully it’s put together. I highly recommend this CD to any Sailor Moon fan, or even someone who just appreciates instrumental music (and anime)!

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