Learning the Piano

Lately, I’ve really been thinking about the piano and have been tempted to pick it up. But, I kept telling myself “not now, get more established on the violin and erhu before picking up another instrument.” Well, honestly, I can’t wait anymore. I just want to learn it so bad. It’s another instrument that I have always loved and wanted to learn so I’ve decided to start picking it up. Besides, for a musician it’s a necessary instrument to learn.

I already have a keyboard that I picked up some time ago for arrangements, so I just need to get a stand for it, as well as a bench for proper posture. I already have the first two books form the Suzuki method (that I picked up a long time ago when I first tried learning the piano). Right now, I’m unable to afford a teacher so, most of my learning will be done through the Internet, but perhaps one day I can get a proper teacher. But of course, I will still post and share my journey on learning the piano!


To clear up any concern, I will definitely be continuing to learn and post about the violin and erhu. Neither will be neglected just because I’m picking up a third instrument now. They’ll probably just be slower progress than before. But, I seriously am having a hard time choosing just one instrument, so instead I’m going to learn them all! It’ll be tough and very time consuming, but music is my passion, so no worries!

I also want to clarify that I’m not learning the piano just because it’s easier, but rather because I genuinely I want to. It’s an instrument that I have wanted to learn for years (probably longer than the violin)! But, I fell deeply in love with the violin, so I put the piano aside for awhile. However, throughout the time I’ve been learning the violin, I always thought about the piano as well.

Unfortunately, I have put a lot of pressure on myself these past five years, telling myself that I should only be focused on the violin and nothing else. This has caused the rocky, love-hate relationship I’ve had with the violin. It has put a lot of stress on me because it’s so difficult to learn and master. But, in reality, that doesn’t have to be the case. I can learn as many instruments as I want, when I want. I may have to sacrifice practice time for each instrument to accommodate one another, but that’s okay. Progress may be slower but I don’t want to limit myself.

As much as I love the violin and erhu, I feel like I can play more music with the piano right now. With the piano being a more versatile instrument, I’ll be able to play in the long hours of the night (especially with a keyboard when living in an apartment). It’ll help me with my rhythm and technique, something I always struggle with and can’t quite get yet. So, I’m also using the piano as a benefit of making myself a better musician.

I’ve struggled back and forth with this decision, but the other night I played on my keyboard a bit, and although I was a bit overwhelmed with the bass clef reading and left hand playing, I felt good about it. After I let it sit for two days, it was killing me not to play piano, because that’s all I wanted to do!

So, I have yet another long journey ahead, but I look forward to seeing what it has to offer me. I am looking forward to sharing my new adventure with the piano! Of course, the violin and erhu will not be forgotten; I’ll continue to post about those as well! ♩♬          ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

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