Why I Chose the Piano

I had a dream of becoming a violinist. This has been a dream I’ve been very passionate about for the last five years. I mostly taught myself violin at 19, and yet, after 5 years I haven’t really gotten that far. I’ve had a very rocky road with the violin with many ups, but perhaps more downs. It’s an instrument I absolutely love, but it’s one very difficult to master. There have been many times where I have questioned this dream and thought more of it as an ideal than what reality would become. I always thought those feelings were because of the difficulty of the instrument, but perhaps I was also forcing myself to focus on the violin even though it wasn’t the right fit.

But I always ignored those thoughts and continued to push through as best I could. Yet, on August 27th 2018, I decided to learn the piano. I just couldn’t help myself. It was another instrument that I’ve always loved, and I knew that I wanted to learn how to play it one day, so why keep putting it off? Why not try it? But due to my emphasis on the violin, I’ve always pushed it to the side and told myself that I would learn it ‘later.’ Well, ‘later’ has finally come.

Now, I know we as humans tend to get obsessed with our new hobbies, but I’ve been super obsessed with the piano since picking it up. I think about it everyday, I have an urge to play it all the time, I’ve even practiced it more in one week than I ever did recently with the violin.

On August 31st 2018, I decided to switch my primary instrument to the piano. Although it has only been a day, I know deep within myself that this has been the best decision I’ve made in my musical career.


But how do I know this?

The easiest answer I can give is that it feels natural. I feel like I was meant to play the piano. It’s an instrument I can envision myself on in the near and far future. It’s an instrument that I feel I can ‘click’ with and almost have a natural talent for–with much practicing, of course! The piano is the instrument I’ve been most attracted to in my life. I’ve always seen myself playing the piano, since my young teenage years until now. I was just blinded by other instruments that I thought were ‘the one.’ But having decided on the piano, I know it’s truly ‘the one’ meant for me. It’s almost like I feel this attraction that binds us, as if we were meant to be.

Due to these feelings resurfacing since picking it up, I’ve decided that I needed to switch to it. Once I declared I was going to focus on the piano, I’ve felt so relieved and it just felt right. It felt like this was the instrument for me. I will still learn other instruments in the future, which of course includes the violin and erhu, but they’ll be at a much more slow and casual pace than before, especially now that I’ll be focusing on the piano and on the road to being a pianist!

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