Two Month Piano Reflection

October was quite the month! I played very little last month, in fact I’ve only started playing again within these past few days. Last month was a chaotic mess for my mind and that resulted in my music suffering. I lost my way a bit on this path but have managed to get back on it. Although I played very little last month, I feel like there has been some progress.

I continued working through the first Suzuki book and played a few of the pieces there. My main focus is to still work on playing with both hands together but also playing in time. This has always been one of my weaknesses throughout my musical career, no matter which instrument I play. I think this is due to my inconsistent breaks as a musician. So now I have to try to work a little harder to get that internal beat. My focus in my practice sessions is to take the music a couple measures at a time and slowly work through the pieces. I’m learning how to have ‘effective’ practice sessions, something I’ve never worked on before. With this in mind, I am disciplining myself to work in small chunks of the music, rather than the music as a whole.

After not playing for so many weeks, I felt like a part of me was missing. Coming back now, I feel whole again and have really been determined to step up my practice game. As a beginner I can only do so much, because even my repertoire is limited. But a little bit everyday will get me that much further. I feel my practice sessions will get more focused and longer if I really focus on what is written in the music. I don’t want it to sound ‘okay’ but rather ‘good’ or ‘amazing.’ My determination is on fire and I’m excited to see the progress that November will bring me! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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