Learning Classical Piano

One of my main goals in music has always to been to be able to play anime music. Years ago, I was inspired coming across musicians who made anime covers on YouTube. Ever since, it’s been a goal of mine to do the same. Anime has always been something I’ve loved so why not combine the two things I love into one? The only problem that many anime loving musicians face is that we can’t buy the music, but instead have to arrange it ourselves.

But if this is my goal, then why am I learning classical music?

Well, as much as I love anime music, I really do love classical music as well! If I’m not listening to an anime soundtrack, then I’m probably listening to classical music. Also, I strongly believe that anyone learning an instrument would benefit from a classical foundation. Classical music is the best way for a musician to build their foundations as well as overcome technically difficult repertoire. Once a good classical foundation is built, then I think it is okay for the musician to move on and explore other genres if they wish. Besides, once you can play classical music, every other genre will be much easier to master.

Although I’m very eager to start jumping in to learn my favorite anime music, I’m also wanting to have a very solid foundation and be technically efficient in my playing. Therefore, I’m being very patient and disciplined to learn through classical music which I believe will make me a better musician in the long run.

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