Three Month Piano Reflection

It’s crazy to think that not only have we entered the last month of 2018, but that I’ve been self-teaching myself the piano for three months! It’s not a whole lot of time, especially compared to others but in any artistic field, a month can result to huge amounts of progress, if done efficiently and consistently. Compared to last month, I’ve been much more consistent in my practicing routines.

Honestly, after getting The Practice Journal, I feel like my practice has already improved. I still have a lot to work on with my skills but it has helped me become more disciplined. I’ve also focused a lot on timing during my practice sessions, so my metronome has been with me almost every day. Although my speed isn’t quite what the music says nor where I want to be, I’m actually thinking of moving on from the pieces I’ve been working on because they are just not very technical. I feel like I’m really not improving recently, technique-wise because I’ve been so focused on timing. But there has definitely been noticeable amounts of improvement with timing. I feel like I’m starting to develop a bit of an internal beat, which is very essential in music. Also I’ve been even more disciplined with my practice sessions than I was before, so that is improvement in itself. I’m hoping for good amounts of improvement to end the year with a bang in terms of music!

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