Engaged in Dublin: Adventures in Dublin – Part II

The next day we managed to wake up early enough to find some breakfast at a cafe called KC Peaches. I had a bagel with salmon and cream cheese with some spinach with a matcha latte, which was delicious!


After breakfast, we went to see Trinity College. Everything about Trinity College was beautiful!








We went on to check out The Book of Kells, which is displayed at Trinity College but unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos. It was definitely really cool seeing such an old book that has survived what it went through.

After the Book of Kells, we saw the Old Library and as a book lover myself, it was amazing to see so many old books. It was like walking into a dream, except we couldn’t actually touch or look at the books.



At the end of the Long Room was Brian Boru’s Harp, the oldest surviving Irish harp on display. For me, it was definitely the highlight of the exhibition!


Once we were done at Trinity College, we went to walk around St. Stephen’s Green, the park we wanted to walk around the previous day. It was such a beautiful park that kept its original Victorian layout.




This park will forever remain a special place to me because it’s where my boyfriend proposed to me! After dating for seven years, he asked me to marry him! I was completely surprised and didn’t see it coming (which is surprising with how long we’ve been dating, haha). It was definitely the most magical moment of the trip!




We then walked around the park a little more as he told me all the stories behind his planning of the proposal. Turns out he wanted to do it the previous day but had to put it off because of the park being closed.





For lunch/dinner, we went back to the ramen place we had previously to have more ramen! This time I got the seafood ramen and it was so amazing! The noodles were made from seaweed and there was fish and shrimp in it and it was definitely a seafood lover’s bowl of ramen.


As a treat for the end of the night, we went to Accents to have a cup of hot chocolate. It was one of the best hot chocolate’s I’ve ever had! They pretty much just heated up some milk and you poured in your chocolate to your liking. Of course, I just poured in the whole bowl and it was the best white hot chocolate I’ve had!


We then called it a night and updated our Facebook’s status to let our friends and family know we were now engaged.

Stay tuned for the next post!


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