Cute Things From Japan Stationery Haul

Once I decided to start my new hobby journaling, I have been super obsessed with browsing at stationery, especially Japanese stationery. I did an order from Cute Things From Japan earlier this month, but a couple weeks ago I decided I needed a little more variety in my stationery collection. Plus, they released some sakura-themed stationery and sakura-themed anything is my absolute weakness!


As soon as you open your package, you’ll be in awe! They wrap it in such cute wrapping and it makes you feel like you just got a gift from Japan.


The washi tapes and stamps they use for decoration are also really cute! And they’re even available in the store, if you wanted one for yourself. I like to save all of it and use it in my journal ^-^


I’ve really been loving the flake stickers lately because they are so pretty and detailed, and you get a good amount for the price. I got a lot of spring-themed products to stock up on by springtime!








Unfortunately I didn’t get good photos of one of the butterfly stickers, and have already torn open the package…ごめなさい (。•́︿•̀。)

The washi tapes are where I really went a bit crazy with the sakura theme, haha!









Since I noticed I was getting quite a collection of the flake stickers (all the stickers in this haul), I decided it would be wise to get a flake sticker holder so I can keep them all in one place. There were a few different color options but I went with the light purple one.



I love that Cute Things From Japan even includes samples in your order! Everyone loves samples! :3


They’re chocolate themed and it made me want to get sweet-themed stationery! Honestly, they’re so cute!

Finally, I love the personal touch that Ayako-san and Junko-san add to your order. They always include a small little hand-written note and it’s so cute and makes it a bit more special and personal.


Every order also includes a newsletter talking about some cultural aspects of Japan. This one talks about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan. These are a nice touch to learn more about the culture and traditions of Japan. ^-^

This is my second order from Cute Things From Japan, and I truly love the service they offer. It was shipped in a day and came to me in about a week (I live in Florida, so that’s really good shipping time). They are truly my favorite shop to get stationery from, and when I visit Japan I plan to go to their physical shop in Tokyo.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and all the products are linked below:


Garden Flower Flake Stickers

Tea Time Flake Stickers

Instrument Flake Stickers

Sakura Flake Stickers

Butterfly Flake Stickers

Washi Tape:

Sakura I

Sakura II

Sakura III

Sakura IV

Traditional Japanese Fan

Japanese Apricot

Traditional Japanese Seigaiha Wave


Flake Sticker Organizer


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