Hello and welcome to Otonohime!

I’m Brooke, a 24 year old from the United States with a goal of becoming a musician, despite being a late-starter. I am currently teaching myself how to play the piano, but I have played the clarinet and a little violin (also self-taught) in the past. I do hope to one day go back to the violin, as well as learn the erhu and the koto! This blog is a blend of all the musical things that I enjoy, whether it’s my progress on the piano, anime soundtrack reviews, music history, or whatever else I can think of!

I like watching anime and reading in my free time, traveling and exploring new places, as well as being out in nature as much as possible. I enjoy drinking lots of tea, wandering through bookstores, and experiencing life with my best friend. I am also currently learning Japanese with a goal of hopefully moving to Japan one day!

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!